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  • n. Plural form of duplicity.


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  • It was useless to recall her duplicities, her mendacities, her hypocrisies, her meannesses.


  • When we learn to read or look or listen intensively, we are not just becoming adept at exposing falsehood or at uncovering yet more examples of the duplicities of culture and society.

    Michael Roth: Go Positive!

  • Like Roth and Zweig, he revered the old Europe of the Austro-Hungarian Empire even in its most shadowy duplicities; it was the empire where memory reigned supreme.

    A Hungarian Novelist's Literature of Fidelity

  • His chapter on North Korea is especially devastating, recounting the State Department's persistent mistakes and even duplicities in hapless pursuit of a pledge from Pyongyang to end its nuclear weapons program.

    Mission Accomplished

  • AFP/Getty Images General Martin Dempsey Gen. Dempsey's challenges going forward include building and capitalizing on the gains Gen. Petraeus has achieved in Afghanistan; managing the insecurities and duplicities of Pakistan's military and intelligence services; extending, if possible, a meaningful U.S. military presence in Iraq; and confronting, if necessary, Iran's nuclear ambitions by force.

    A Fighting General

  • While exploring the tragedies and duplicities that have shaped them, each one is severely tested, and each will surprise the reader.

    A tale of operatic scale, with soundtrack by Wagner

  • Within some fraction of a second would pop up on the monitor attributable resources aplenty of the Arizonan's misstatements and duplicities.

    All is "Lost"

  • The duplicities and moral inconsistencies of PLO and Hamas leaders, from pledging democracy and accountability while ruling through violence and corruption, to supporting a two-state solution in English while speaking far more radically in Arabic, have long been expertly exploited by Israel to argue that the larger Palestinian peace discourse was a fraud or, at the least, untenable.

    Mark Levine: Beyond Hypocrisy in the Middle East

  • Whenever she opens her mouth, she simply cannot stop herself from engaging in duplicities, exaggerations and half-truths that not-so-coincidentally always distort the political record in her favor.

    Geoffrey Dunn: Sarah Palin's Oil Regulation Lies

  • Palin's pretentions and duplicities would all be a joke if the potential political implications were not now so serious.

    Geoffrey Dunn: Sarah Palin's Oil Regulation Lies


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