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  • n. A thin hard layer found near the surface in soil.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin durus (hard) and crust


  • The plan is to attempt to drive the rover forward, which is actually backward, since the rover was driving in reverse when it entered this area where it broke through a "duricrust" and fell through to the talcum powder-like soil.

    Ok, Spirit Rover, Let's Blow This Pop Stand! | Universe Today

  • Above the granite bedrock is a characteristic soil structure, consisting of seasonally well-aerated and well-watered sandy soils of 0.6 m to 3 m in depth that desiccate and harden during the dry season, with an impermeable "duricrust" of cement-like consistency beneath.

    Itigi-Sumbu thicket

  • In southeast Queensland there are also localized remnant Tertiary surfaces with duricrust and laterite.

    Eastern Australian temperate forests

  • Gently undulating plains on Cretaceous sediments surround the floodplains, often with a duricrust forming a dense gravel or rock (gibber) surface pavement.

    Simpson desert

  • Caliche is also known as hardpan, calcrete, kankar (in India), or duricrust. - Business News


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