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  • n. Alternative form of dust mite.


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  • After 10 years, a regular innerspring mattress will weigh twice what it did when you bought it, because it will be full of dust and debris and dustmites and dustmite droppings.

    Of Beds and Writing at SF Novelists

  • Hmmm. Suddenly my heavy dustmite infested mattress/book is looking a lot better.

    Of Beds and Writing at SF Novelists

  • The whole universe reflects God's purpose and intent; so when you go searching for it in the details, its like you are a dustmite with a microscope looking for subtle hints of God when you are living within the groove of his fingerprint.

    Courting the Theists

  • Likewise, anyone who has an infant or child in the home may wish to be careful about dustmite allergens so as to avoid sensitizing h im or her, or aggravating the symptoms of any child already sensitized.


  • The other found that after six months of use, new polyester pillows contained about eight times as many dustmite allergens as new feather pillows—a significant difference.4 Do not use foam rubber pillows, which can support the growth of mold, further aggravating allergies.


  • I would imagine that the body can easily deal with many nanoscale items with ease like dustmite poo, but some elements like perhaps the very strong carbon nanotubes might be a terrible kind of needle to some function in the body same as asbestos can and indeed the even worse carbon fiber.

    Autoblog Green

  • An ignorant brainwashed troll with the intellectual capacity of a dustmite.



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