from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. a dry mop for dusting floors.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a dry swab for dusting floors


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  • Whatta Good Dog, I have always felt having a dog about is essential for anyone who lives in a rural area, I mean a real Dog sized dog, not like an animated dustmop or some other gerbil sized canid.

    Golden Retriever Thwarts Cougar Attack in B.C.

  • Of course, to make it all the more funny, there were pics on the big screen of these two pets - the shaggy little dustmop of a dog looking all excited, while the gray tabby cat had a look of total disinterest, as in "Are you done yet?"

    Definition Please

  • I know you mean well but an inscribed copy of the book is like getting a dustmop for Christmas.

    Archive 2006-06-25

  • He ran the dustmop around the edges and flicked a duster half-heartedly over several table-tops.

    The Cat Who Went Underground

  • He is a little guy bout a hundrit pounds or so, an has hair like a dustmop an wears a lot of beads aroun his neck an is settin on the floor when we get to their apartment, meditatin like a guru.

    Forrest Gump

  • The next morning, Maggie was dusting the furniture in the living room while Ruth ran the dustmop over the tiled floor.

    This Calder Sky

  • For a second or so only, before she was again spinning in a series of pirouettes around him, encircling him—and swiping at him with her dustmop!

    If There Be Thorns

  • Her leotards were white, her pointes white too, and I was enthralled as she danced, wielding that dustmop like a sword to stab at old furniture that Bart and I had outgrown.

    If There Be Thorns

  • With each swipe of her dustmop she brought zillions of golden dustmotes into play.

    If There Be Thorns

  • She held a dustmop in one hand and playfully swiped at this or that, miming Cinderella and certainly not Princess Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, which was the music she had on the ancient record player.

    If There Be Thorns


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