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  • n. A mote of dust.


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  • The sense that you are shrinking down to a dustmote until you are just going to disappear, boy that isn't covered at all.

    Depression - up close and personal

  • No use denyin ', what we've explored is one atom off outer skin of one dustmote galaxy. ...

    The Day of Their Return

  • "So many, many stars ¦ a hundred billion in this one lost lonely dustmote of a galaxy ¦ and we on the edge, remote in a spiral arm where they thin toward emptiness ¦ what do we know, what can we master?"

    A Circus of Hells

  • In time they must realize, bone deep, that this one dustmote of a galaxy holds more than a hundred billion suns; that we have not even explored the whole of our one spiral arm, and it does not appear we ever will; that you need no telescope to see giants like Betelgeuse and Polaris which do not belong to us.

    Ensign Flandry

  • "The little stars become suns, this world of ours shrunk to a dustmote; the weirdness of other races, the terrible huge machines-" She clutched the model tight.

    Ensign Flandry


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