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  • n. wife


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Short for duchess


  • I learned how to make lures, take better outdoors pictures, cook in dutch ovens, shoot better, and control a canoe in a fast creek.

    A Male Perspective

  • Holland's new away kits for season 2008-09 I found from their FA site's. (sorry in dutch languages)

    Holland new away shirt/kits 2008-09 "cool new stuff"

  • I'll have to do it in dutch where I live, but if the audience were ok about it I might be able to video it and stick it online with voice overs.

    Bringing Web 2.0 to the mainstream

  • Check out the comments section, and then have a look at Bake My Day, which is mostly in dutch, but partly in english, and has more pictures of the process, also in 2 parts, as well as the finished product!


  • Aaaaaaand time to call it a night. chaosreality is in dutch with his girl, dravengodvamp's chatting online, the booze has shifted from goofy laughter to deep introspective discussion, and I have to be at the rehab house in 5.5 hours to see Ray, so I better get my happy ass to bed.

    Voice Post

  • The accompanying article is in dutch but says so much that a neigbourhood in Amsterdam has put up these new signs and is also selling the signs to other neigbourhoods for 80 euros.

    Boing Boing: January 29, 2006 - February 4, 2006 Archives

  • The article goes on to describe a lot of the dos and don'ts: beer or hard liquor or a glass of wine okay, splitting a bottle of wine dicey; steak or meat-dominated meal great, cooking for another guy (unless its a grill), or candle-lit dinner, nope; going dutch is best.

    Archive 2005-04-01

  • The biggest advantage of these musicvideo's is you guys don't need to understand a word dutch to get an impression of the show ...


  • March 11th, 2009 at 5: 44 am king ding a ling is a idiot. ive been fishing 12 years. long lining, i hate the show deadliest queers cauase thats what they are queers. every crabber i have ever worked with couldnt handle the long hours of long lining. they all go to bed like children take their drugs away from them they got no power. if you really want to work its not that hard to get on a boat. take a job on a land plant in dutch harbor. then every spare minute you have hit the docks .i cant count how many guys we have hired over the years the hard part is getting to dutch ounce you get their you should be allright fag ass crabbers quit all the time … … ….

    Fishing In Alaska

  • i was very suprised to see etrewel peter when i opened your blog today! my grandmother used to read it to me from the book she has at home! her version is in dutch though and she used to translate it for me! scary folk tales!

    It's All So Distracting


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