from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Gulf ofLiaodong The northern part of the Bo Hai in northeast China. It borders on the Liaodong Peninsula, a land area projecting southwest into the Yellow Sea.


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  • BOOL OnCreate(HWND hwnd, LPCREATESTRUCT lpcs) DWORD dwProcessId; DWORD dwThreadId = GetWindowThreadProcessId(g_hwndTarget, &dwProcessId); if (dwThreadId) g_hweh = SetWinEventHook( EVENT_OBJECT_DESTROY, EVENT_OBJECT_DESTROY, NULL, WinEventProc, dwProcessId, dwThreadId, WINEVENT_OUTOFCONTEXT); return g_hweh !

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  • The dwProcessId and dwThreadId specify the process and thread.

  • CreateThread. hThread, debug_event. dwThreadId, debug_event. u.

  • DWORD dwThreadId; union {EXCEPTION_DEBUG_INFO Exception;


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