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  • n. The world of dwarfs (mythical creatures).
  • n. The state of being a dwarf (the star, or the mythical creature)


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  • Much as Gilthas, who had human blood in his veins, Tam was a product of a liaison between a Hylar dwarf-the nobles of dwarfdom-and a Daer - gar, the dark dwarves.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • Daergar are excellent thieves and are known throughout dwarfdom as the most dexterous and dishonest of all dwarves, traits that Selquist had inherited.

    The Doom Brigade

  • Under the Kharolis Mountains, Thorbardin was what it had always been - hundreds of square miles of busy, bustling, squabbling, and delving dwarfdom, where the past was past and the problems of any one person were seldom of concern to many others.

    The Gates of Thorbardin

  • Vaulting onto their comrades, the whole mass of dwarfdom toppled forward, momentum hurling the topmost Aghar into the teeming ranks of the Theiwar.

    Flint the King

  • He is so self-serving that he reduces himself to dwarfdom.


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