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  • n. Alternative spelling of diking.


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  • However, public indignation on this occasion was so outspoken, and the outrage so flagrant, that the hilarious sport of "dyking" simply died a natural death and has never been heard of again from that day to this.

    In the days of my youth when I was a student in the University of Virginia, 1888-1893.

  • The plot is basically that a group of sexy misanthropic corpse doctors play a game in which they take turns killing people and see if they can figure out who did it and how (in between dyking out and staring at each other menacingly).


  • Flood control dams, hydroelectric dams, channelization and dyking of rivers, watershed authorities, drainages, lake outlet controls, and impoundments are running riot, all in the name of development and conservation.

    Excerpts from Aldo Leopold's Writings

  • Eventually I hope to have time to paint a couple more squadrons of von Kleist hussars, for these are rather spectacular looking uniforms, with the red dolman and breeches, and green pelise, and green and red shabraque with van dyking.

    Von Kleist Frei-husaren

  • These men signed a contract in March, 1636, at the Three Kings Tavern in La Rochelle.38 In France they had been specialists in ditching and dyking tidal marshes for the salt industry.

    Champlain's Dream

  • The dyking of fertile marshlands in Acadia developed in the 1630s and was well advanced by 1650.36 An early reference to this practice was at Port-La-Tour, near Cape Sable.

    Champlain's Dream

  • He also brought saulniers from Touraine, where they were well practiced in the dyking of freshwater marshes.39

    Champlain's Dream

  • It involved 3 hours of socialbles, 9 beers, 2 shots, strip clap-7 and some "dyking-out" between Pam and I.

    thewhat Diary Entry

  • I want to go travelling, dyking around, do the gay trails with Berta.

    CYCLE THIEVES by Mark Ward | Fiction | Futurismic

  • A large number of men and women, with _a piece of board on their heads, carrying mud_, for the purpose of dyking, near the river.

    The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus


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