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  • n. Obsolete form of dinar.


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  • Joe Klein where are the Dick Lug@rs of the GOP to tell McCain that he's playing with dyna mite and to stop now.

    McCain in the Gutter - Swampland -

  • Joe Klein where are the D! ck Lug@rs of the GOP to tell McCain that he's playing with dyna mite and to stop now.

    McCain in the Gutter - Swampland -

  • Mae Hogyn o Rachub wedi gwneud sylw teilwng iawn ar y mater yma drwy nodi rhywbeth i'r perwyl fod brogarwch yn arwain at wladgarwch...fedrai ddim anghytuno o gwbwl gyda hynny gan mai dyna ydi seiliau y mae fy nghedlaetholdeb a'm wladgarwch personnol i wedi ei seilio arnynt.

    Gwlad a bro

  • Gyda llaw, fe ddywedais yn y neges olaf mai dyna oedd y tro cyntaf i mi flogio yn Saesneg.

    Dwi wedi cyrraedd

  • According to eyewitnesses, before the Mets players completed the complicated procedure, in which they fused their physical selves and combined their talents to form the 20,000-ton robot, manager Jerry Manuel called the team to the dugout, where he commanded them to prepare their interlock systems for activation, connect the appropriate dyna-therms, charge up the infra-cells to full capacity, engage the mega-thrusters, and give it their best out there.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Mi ddylai felly olygu hyrwyddo addysg Gymraeg, yng Nghaerdydd athu hwnt, cyn addysg Saesneg oherwydd dyna fydd yn digwydd ar ôl Annibyniaeth.

    Dau begwn Plaid Cymru

  • Felly, dyna rywbeth i ni feddwl amdano wrth ddathlu, yr wythnos hon, ein hetifeddiaeth ein hiaith a'n diwylliant.

    Cenedl, Cymuned, Cyfiwander - Sermon at the Eisteddfod

  • To check the hypothesis that any random word coinage would produce a similar number of hits, I searched for "dynajuristics" and "dyna-juristics."

    A Surprising Proliferation

  • As a by-product of this research, I am now claiming IP rights in the terms dynajuristics and dyna-juristics TM All rights reserved.

    A Surprising Proliferation

  • The Emperor had been schooled well, but he was never considered to hold more than a general knowledge of sub-micro circuitry, dyna-physics and Alpha wave hyper - processors.

    Before Destruction


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