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  • adjective Of or pertaining to problems with the executive system in the brain.


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dys- +‎ executive


  • This is what some researchers call dysexecutive syndrome (Dawson, 1998, p. 215, for example).

    The Unity of Consciousness

  • In the second group, schizophrenia of the severe kind we sketched, dysexecutive disorder, and simultagnosia, it is more natural to think that unified consciousness has been damaged or even destroyed.

    The Unity of Consciousness

  • What is common to dysexecutive disorder, Trevarthen's cases, and simultagnosia is that subjects seem not to be conscious of even two objects in a single conscious state.

    The Unity of Consciousness

  • There are of course many different theories about what is going on in the conditions we have just sketched, severe schizophrenia, dysexecutive syndrome, simultagnosia and Balint's syndrome.

    The Unity of Consciousness

  • Appearances would suggest that the first kind of synthesis continues to be available to dysexecutive and simultagnosia patients: they continue to be conscious of individual objects, events, etc.

    The Unity of Consciousness

  • Poor performance on these tests is associated with frontal lobe dysfunction and dysexecutive symptoms

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • For severe schizophrenia, dysexecutive syndrome, simultagnosia, and Balint's syndrome ” the cases where consciousness seems to be more shattered than split ” the distinction of Kant's that we introduced in

    The Unity of Consciousness


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