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  • n. Plural form of dyslexic.


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  • Consequently 'dyslexics' - poor readers with an average or high IQ - have tended to be treated differently from those who are consistently bottom of the class. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The MP's basic argument is that children are labelled "dyslexics" because they're confused by poor teaching methods.

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  • The Learning To Read Program is geared toward helping children who are 3-D learners (often called dyslexics), and has seen enormous improvements in the reading and academic abilities of those who use it.

    How 3-D Learners Can Overcome Their Reading Difficulties « Blogs « Literacy News

  • The USA is said to have 50000000 functional illiterates and 1000000 dyslexics.

    Literacy News – 51th Edition « News « Literacy News

  • Learning experts don't suggest that studying Chinese or Japanese will help dyslexics learn to read English; there's no getting around the fact that reading English well requires being able to identify and blend sounds.

    Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese

  • Scientists say Japanese symbols are more like pictures than letters, which can be easier for many dyslexics to reproduce.

    Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese

  • Sometimes his English letters were so poorly composed that they were hard to read, a common problem among dyslexics.

    Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese

  • Character-based languages are mastered through memorization, a skill that dyslexics tend to rely on more than do typical language learners, says Sally Shaywitz , co-director of the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity in New Haven, Conn.

    Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese

  • Researchers have long observed that some dyslexics have an easier time with languages like Japanese and Chinese, in which characters represent complete words or ideas, than they do with languages like English, which use separate letters and sounds to form words.

    Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese

  • Annette Goodman , Arrowsmith's chief education officer, says the exercise is aimed at strengthening visual memory, one part of the brain dyslexics rely on for language tasks.

    Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese


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