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  • n. In Proto-Indo-European linguistics, a term used to describe an ablaut form of a root characterised by the presence of the */e/ phoneme.


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  • Now the question left is why the bizarre replacement of o-grade 3ps with a lengthened e-grade form with an entirely different ending, seemingly on the side of increasing system irregularity?

    Looking for a simple origin to Hittite's hi-class preterite

  • I will suggest briefly that perhaps there was originally a simple two-fold distinction between 'non-completed' actions in e-grade and 'completed' actions in a-grade later o-grade due to Vowel Shift at the end of the Late IE period.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Hence the preservation of *e once subjunctives with short e-grade replace most Narten presents as per Jasanoff's theory.

    PIE *kap- and *ghabh-

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