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  • n. Literature published in electronic form, possibly incorporating hypertext and multimedia.


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e- +‎ literature


  • I am hoping the catalogue of children's e-literature will continue to grow.

    Burning down the house?

  • What happens when the generation that is more conversant/comfortable in the e-literature form as a default starts going to these conventions?

    World Fantasy con report: Day 3 by Alan DeNiro: the books

  • Katie Haegel looks at Getting a handle on just what is e-literature.

    Today's Inquirer reviews ...

  • The PLEIADI Project acronym for "Portale per la Letteratura scientifica Elettronica Italiana su Archivi aperti e Depositi Istituzionali", a portal for Italian scholarly e-literature in open archives and institutional repositories originated from the collaboration between two major Italian university consortia, CASPUR and CILEA, within the framework of the AEPIC project

    May 2005

  • BHUBANESWAR: In an age of mobile texting and e-literature, a veritable treasure trove of ancient texts scripted on fragile palm leaves is crying for conservation at the Orissa State Museum. - Articles related to Textile event showcases region's rich heritage

  • For around the $20 mark, add some funky art to your e-literature with these wicked sticky-back plastic skins that offer 3M tech for easy application and clean removal.


  • Also, as creator of e-literature, I am concerned about this way of exploring e-literature because no individual or artist alone will never be able to compete with the ability of hundreds of programmers working together in an electronic game or a visual effects company.

  • What is meant by e-literature, by works called born-digital, is that computation is required at every stage of their life.

  • I think it's very important to all people that think in e-poetry or e-literature, but to me, it seems we need to go further, and discuss topics related to advanced programming and relations with e-lit.

  • E-poetry relies on code for its creation, preservation, and display: there is no way to experience a work of e-literature unless a computer is running it-reading it and perhaps also generating it.


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