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  • n. An electronic device able to detect specific combinations of chemicals in gaseous form.


e- +‎ nose (Wiktionary)


  • Can the electronic nose — the e-nose — help us catch up?


  • Fingerprint scanners can be fooled by fake fingers made of silicone, so experts are working on an e-nose that can identify the aroma of human skin

    January 10th, 2006

  • Recently, computer scientists made an e-nose that can predict and mimic how an olfactory receptor will respond to a particular scent.

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  • The e-nose predicted whether twelve odorant receptors from Drosophila would respond to 21 new odorants with roughly 75 percent accuracy.

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  • Instead of training the e-nose to recognize a set of scents, they tuned it to the receptive range of an actual olfactory receptor.

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  • The e-nose involves attaching fluorescent compounds onto strands of DNA molecules, which then change color in the presence of certain substances.

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  • The e-nose can monitor air quality; identify pathogens; monitor food ripeness or spoilage; monitor physiological conditions from breath analysis, for example; and detect biological or chemical weapons.

    Gadget Freak Files

  • Ontario Securities Commission seeks $100 million fine against RIM's co-CEOs NASA's newest e-nose for ISS thinks you're wearing too much cologne RIM reaches settlement with Ontario Securities Commission over backdating s ...


  • This ability to distinguish between many different scents would be a desirable feature of an electronic "e-nose".

    K9 Magazine - The Dog Magazine For Modern Dog Lovers

  • Instead of cells, the e-nose uses multiple chemical sensors which are joined together in an array.

    K9 Magazine - The Dog Magazine For Modern Dog Lovers


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