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  • n. A medical prescription transmitted electronically.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

e- +‎ prescription


  • Still, he recommends that patients getting electronic prescriptions also ask for verbal instructions from the doctor for taking the medication and request a printout of the e-prescription.

    More Doctors Are Prescribing Medicines Online

  • The hundreds of software companies that make e-prescription technology will also benefit from a unified testing and approvals process created by the merger, according to executives.

    Electronic-Prescription Plan Is Set

  • Where I have the largest disagreement with Mr. Kerry and Mr. Gingrich is when they write of requiring doctors to use e-prescription in order to deal with Medicare.

    Are E-Prescriptions the Right Medicine?

  • Pharmacists do better, with 88 percent -- 956 of 1,089 pharmacies -- processing at least one e-prescription a month.

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  • In frustration, some nursing homes ask pharmacists to fax them printouts of a doctor's e-prescription to clear up questions left by poor penmanship.

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  • Nursing homes are exempt from law requiring e-prescription use.

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  • Despite the state's e-prescription law, only 39 percent of hospitals and 61 percent of clinics send prescriptions electronically, according to Health Department data to be published in January.

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  • Some providers are installing the comprehensive record systems required by 2015 and avoiding the extra expense of just an e-prescription system, he said.

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  • In addition to the major e-prescription providers, OptimizerRx is also targeting large health care systems i.e. - multi-hospital/clinic systems for integration of SampleMD into their respective electronic medical records systems.

  • Our comparable base is represented by MDRX, MDAS, QSII, ATHN and ESRX, all of which operate in the healthcare information technology space and most of which are involved to some extent in e-prescription services or EMR / EHR.


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