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  • n. A member of the auction web site eBay.


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eBay +‎ -er


  • Plus, while you may not be able to bid with total confidence, you can at least bid with optimism, since the seller is a solid B+ eBayer:

    Consumer Innovation: Putting the Solution Before the Problem

  • “I have the clothes they came in originally somewhere, but I was an early eBayer and spent much of my lonely teen years styling dolls with vintage clothing and trading handmade clothes with other Barbie losers.”


  • Amused by the bizarre sight of a 43-year-old neophyte politician whose party mustered only 57 of the available 650 parliamentary seats (less than 9% of the House) being in the position of kingmaker as the two heavyweight parties lobby and flatter him for his support (without which neither party can command an effective majority to govern) -- a British eBayer called "Keith" decided to auction off the would-be kingmaker on eBay.

    Martin Lewis: "Humans May Not Be Listed On eBay": Auction Of Politician For $1.5M Snuffed Out By eBay!

  • As a long time and increasingly disillusioned seller on eBay, I sincerely hope that (1) eBay gets its clock cleaned and (2) eBay does not succeed in wrecking Craigslist. — eBayer

    Craigslist Hits Back at eBay - Bits Blog -

  • Over the holiday I tried to replace my DVD player, and stupidly bought one from an eBayer with good feedback.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • And who knows, maybe that eBayer will write his own review on Amazon or Goodreads, and the publicist's efforts will get a small, roundabout reward.

    What Should Reviewers Do With Unwanted ARCs?

  • Longtime eBayer Kat Simpson of Colorado Springs entered the contest as a part-time seller looking to sell on a full-time basis.

    EBay Woos Entrepreneurs With Cash

  • No one's going to stop being an eBayer because its chairperson is a kook.

    Gene Stone: eBay Hawks Mitt

  • Granted, as in Ken MacLeod's rather John Varleyesque "Lighting Out," things don't always go quite so well as the future eBayer of a sort intends.

    The Little Professor:

  • We gave them to a friend who was a professional eBayer and told him he could have half of the proceeds.

    Keep or give away?


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