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  • noun Same as boll-worm.
  • noun A secret counselor.


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  • The next most important is the boll-worm or ear-worm.

    Checking the Waste A Study in Conservation

  • At husking time the wretched ear-worm that ruins the terminal quarter or fifth of an immense number of ears, is painfully in evidence.

    Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation

  • The corn-root worm is charged with causing an annual loss of two per cent of the corn crop, or $20,000,000; the chinch bug another two per cent; the boll or ear-worm two per cent more.

    Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation

  • Ron Dante provided the vocals for this infernal ear-worm, and no one remembered him then, let alone now. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • "He just has a way of creating that sort of ear-worm song that gets inside your head and won't leave," Mersereau said. Top Stories

  • That cutesy ear-worm of a melody comes from an insert aria that Mozart wrote for an opera by the now completely neglected

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  • "Benton Harbor Blues" is my phantom limb and my ear-worm.


  • If Macdonald derives a little too much from Errol Morris 'signature documentary style, he's forgiven come the middle point of the film, when we realize he's not hampered by imitation but inspired by it, determined to pummel us with a combination of image, score and the very idea of what's onscreen-of what's happening to Joe Simpson on the mountain, then in the crevasse, then on the glacier (and with a Boney M ear-worm, to boot).


  • "I hear tell of a borer, like an ear-worm, spoiling the corn ....


  • The Blamers knocked Elvis off the top of the Vancouver charts in 1960) and The Chessmen featuring rhythm guitarist Terry Jacks, later to have a monster smash with - ear-worm warning - Seasons in the Sun).

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