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  • proper noun Alternative capitalization of Ebonics


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  • And again -- to oversimplify all the books mentioned (and not mentioned) as preachy, stereotypical and filled with ebonics, is truly offensive ...

    Debating Black Books

  • Your knowledge of Star Wars ebonics is unparalled, and is truely an inspiration to my Star Wars Galaxies roleplay.

    Scar Friends Luncheon Circle

  • AAVE aka ebonics aks Black English was spoken neither by

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • It's because english is a dying language, to be replaced rather quickly by LOLspeak, txtspk, and what is controversially called ebonics in the US (to be in turn eventually replaced with simplified internet compatible mandarin chinese pictograms), and some of us wish to hasten things. what's new online!

  • To think I used to call ebonics the "new black death."

    Latest Articles

  • While others were scoffing at the notion of ebonics, I was lapping up inner city slang: that beautiful, musical, profane prose.

    Slashdot: Book Reviews

  • Our society even went so far in the desire for accommodation to consider teaching "ebonics" in the schools, so that children would not feel culturally out of place.

    On Negro dialect

  • She even used some "ebonics," got a little ghetto and threw a "shout out" to third graders in Alaska after she exclaimed that the education system for our children needed an overhaul - Go figure!

    Yvonne R. Davis: Sarah Palin: America's Affirmative Action Candidate

  • She sounds like she studied "ebonics" at Wellesly.

    Good Bill, Bad Hillary

  • Over time, my struggle came when all of my African American friends made fun of the way I tried to emulate their "ebonics" because it sounded strange with my accent.

    Toning Down My Professorial Tone: Or, Trying Not to be Perceived as an Intellectual Snob


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