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  • noun A steroid hormone produced by insects and crustaceans that promotes growth and controls molting.

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  • noun A hormone in insects and other arthropods that promotes molting.


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[ecdys(is) + (horm)one.]


  • Measurement of the ecdysone titre indicated that methoprene had inhibited the shift from rRNA synthesis to giant HnRNA which normally occurs in the epidermal cells during the transition from larvae to pupae.

    Chapter 7

  • D. (1986) The effect of a juvenile hormone analogue on ecdysone titre during development and HnRNA formation in the moth, Ephestia cautella.

    Chapter 10

  • This compound belongs to a new class of IGRs which are non-steroidal ecdysone agonists (Fox, 1990).

    Chapter 7

  • Metamorphosis requires the careful synchrony of many hormones and other physiological changes to be successful, and azadirachtin seems to be an "ecdysone blocker."

    4 What's in a Neem

  • München, where I found by a simple crystallograpic experiment the molecular weight and probable steroid nature of ecdysone which Hoppe and I later elucidated in atomic detail after my thesis work which was on the crystal structure of a diazo compound (1963).

    Robert Huber - Autobiography

  • I joined the crystallographer W. Hoppe's laboratory for my diploma work on crystallographic studies of the insect metamorphosis hormone ecdysone.

    Robert Huber - Autobiography

  • This gland apparently produces a hormone named ecdysone (ek'dih-sohn), which is stored in a small organ near the heart.

    The Human Brain

  • The action of a group of cells in the brain causes the organ to release some of the stored ecdysone periodically and this stimulates a molt.

    The Human Brain

  • One might think that this would be determined by a hormone that is secreted at the proper time, neutralizing ecdysone, ending the molts, and initiating metamorphosis.

    The Human Brain

  • EL-SEBAKHY, N. BLESSIN.TON. B. and ASAAD, A. (1979) A C28 ecdysone-like substance from juga iva.

    Chapter 5


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