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  • adverb In an echoing way.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

echoing +‎ -ly


  • She was doubly glad now that she had indicated a preference for taking her meals in her room; the dining room was echoingly huge, and decorated with the heads of trophy game animals.

    red dust

  • When he had turned six, he had worn a new shirt with violet buttons and shiny black boots that thudded echoingly on the gravel of the street when he walked, and he had gone to her and pulled her to him, hurting her wrists when he did so, and asked her why she refused to play with him.

    Man, Ending

  • This close to the roof, the sound was echoingly loud.

    Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instrument Series

  • Those responses, delivered often to echoingly empty rooms where the interns or pages outnumber the members in attendance, are like CSPAN footage of the tree that falls in the forest.

    Ellis Weiner: My Wife Just Figured It Out

  • So much for Brown's echoingly hollow denunciation of spin, it's getting worse!

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • This close to the roof, the sound was echoingly loud.

    City of Ashes

  • Except for the section where his Avatre, Aket-ten's Re-eth-ke, Ari's Kashet, Nofret's The-on, the four courier dragons and the babies were, the place was echoingly empty.


  • The syllables rolled echoingly from Skauraul's throat, setting powerful forces in motion.

    Conan The Hunter

  • They entered the front door, which was standing open to let in a gentle breeze, and as Xylina stepped onto the polished marble floor it seemed to her that the villa was echoingly silent.

    If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

  • He padded wearily back to the lair, hoping to find his mother reinstalled, but found the cavern as echoingly empty as before.

    The Elvenbane


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