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  • adj. Of or pertaining to echolalia.


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  • On the one hand, I was sickened by the lack of analysis from the echolalic blogger news corps.

    Thoughts on Opera Unite | FactoryCity

  • – I was sickened by the lack of analysis from the echolalic blogger news corps – then

    Thoughts on Opera Unite | FactoryCity

  • That will disappoint the history-challenged right-wingers whose patriotic posturing is limited to speaking in their odd pseudo-military lingo, that echolalic Esperanto for fantasy revolutionaries.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: The New War of Independence -- Against Corporate Politics

  • It is, however, overly self-referential, and, insomuch as it gives greater weight to certain “types” of people and posts, it ends up becoming necessarily echolalic more often than not.

    Leaving TechMeme | FactoryCity

  • Here, the checks and inhibitions are easily accomplished, unless disease in some manner prevents them; but there are strong indications that a "spirit" -- at least when communicating -- cannot control his stream of thinking to the same extent; and that, if it is constantly interrupted -- by questions, etc., as it usually is -- it tends to break up and become automatic, echolalic, or useless.

    The Problems of Psychical Research Experiments and Theories in the Realm of the Supernormal

  • Claire talks about the progress her son made, from non-verbal to echolalic to mainstream with support to preparing for college.

    Autism Hub

  • She was prodigiously verbal but it is possible she was echolalic and because she was SO young for the amount of words she was using we didn't really notice. (seems likely in retrospect)

    Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

  • Since there are activities that aren't perseverative and speech that isn't echolalic, I suppose a warrior mom would be struggling mightily to erase the "bad" and bring out the minimal amount of "good" behaviors.


  • Then he fell into a mitigated echolalic script from Yo Gabba Gabba, which he insisted I type out in it's entirety.

    MOM - Not Otherwise Specified

  • In fact, John himself is the most interesting thing in it, and he is an echolalic simpleton who occasionally breaks up his mimicked conversation with the initially gnomic and yet thereafter quickly uncompelling information that there are, "Some things I know and some things I don't."

    Media news, UK and world media comment and analysis |


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