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  • adj. Of or pertaining to an eclipse.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to an ecliptic.

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  • Relating or pertaining to the ecliptic.


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  • An armillary sphere basically allows you to find the position of an object in the sky in relation to the celestial equator, (equatorial AS or 赤道经纬仪) or the ecliptic (the path of the sun across the sky) (ecliptical AS or 黄道经纬仪).

    The Art of Chinese Astronomical Technology

  • Only Shakspeare was endowed with that healthy equilibrium of nature whose point of rest was midway between the imagination and the understanding, -- that perfectly unruffled brain which reflected all objects with almost inhuman impartiality, -- that outlook whose range was ecliptical, dominating all zones of human thought and action, -- that power of verisimilar conception which could take away _Richard III_ from

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858

  • But neither did the ecliptical conflict of the moon impair our state, nor her clearing again amend us a whit; but the accustomed eclipse of the sea continued in his force, we being darkened more than the moon sevenfold.

    Sir Francis Drake’s Famous Voyage Round the World

  • From the earliest times they had observed the twelve ecliptical "mansions" and zodiacal signs, and also that the time occupied by the sun in travelling through a mansion was rather longer than one lunation, or the time intervening between two new moons.

    Ancient China Simplified

  • Henry encountered, in their continuation of Chacornac's half-finished enterprise of ecliptical charting, sections of the Milky Way defying the enumerating efforts of eye and hand.

    A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century Fourth Edition

  • Clinton, of ecliptical charts showing all stars down to the thirteenth and fourteenth magnitudes respectively, rendered the picking out of moving objects above that brightness a mere question of time and diligence.

    A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century Fourth Edition

  • Having then drawn a line to represent the sun's ecliptical diameter inclined to the horizontal diameter as above described, and having (with this line to correspond to _ab_ in figs. 12-15) drawn in the sun's equator suitably inclined and opened out, he has the sun's actual presentation (at noon) as seen with an erecting eye-piece.

    Half-hours with the Telescope Being a Popular Guide to the Use of the Telescope as a Means of Amusement and Instruction.

  • In the days prior to GPS-led apparati that were brought to market in the ancient, early '90s, astro-purists with an interest in locating various objects from within the observable astronomical inventory would have to understand basic algebra as a gateway to leverage a coordinate system (celestrial, equatorial, ecliptical, galactic, etc.).

    Cool Tools

  • I guess Midevil europe was left for dead, ecliptical art has again bored me to whine ... oh go fuck yourself ... get out your lube. .but this is to be expected.

    mesocyclone Diary Entry


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