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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the field of ecocriticism.


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eco- +‎ critical


  • Literature, through providing "a mirror held up to our species 'ugliness," offers us information about ourselves, in this case disturbing information further clarified "through the interpretative lens of ecocritical theory."

    The State of Criticism

  • Passed through the interpretative lens of ecocritical theory, literature reveals instance after instance of our inability to project, limit, and control the mainly negentropic quality of all our activities in our environments.

    The State of Criticism

  • I concentrate on the type of “Characteristic Comedy” that Baillie theorized in the Discourse, arguing for its affinities with the Comedy of Survival theorized in the ecocritical work of Joseph Meeker.

    Joanna Baillie’s Ecotopian Comedies

  • One colleague said he was tempted to jettison his paper and instead do an ecocritical analysis of Night of the Lepus, the 1972 horror film in which people are terrorized by mutant rabbits.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Stroup argues that one of Shelley's most perceptive Victorian readers, Henry Stephens Salt, is an important forerunner of modern ecocritical approaches to Shelley.


  • Future ecocritical work will thus have to take the phatic dimension of language into account. 23

    'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' as an Ambient Poem; a Study of a Dialectical Image; with Some Remarks on Coleridge and Wordsworth

  • By the same token, the burgeoning ecocritical movement that Marx views so warily is certain to grow, not diminish.

    An Exchange on Thoreau

  • EMILY CARR is writing a book of poetry, to loot to hew & Eden, that explores happiness from ecocritical and feminist perspectives.

    Hayden's Ferry Review Issue 45

  • (Which is not to say that ecocritical insights never contribute to our understanding of particular works.

    The State of Criticism

  • It only makes the ecocritical agenda seem secondary to the protocols of reading literature efficaciously.)

    The State of Criticism


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