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  • n. One who subscribes to ecofeminism.


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  • "We work within an ecofeminist understanding of the interconnection of all life and the intersection of all forms of oppression," she explains.

    Animal rights, ecofeminism, and rooster rehab

  • For OpEdNews: Mickey Z. - Writer pattrice jones is an ecofeminist educator, activist, and writer.

    Animal rights, ecofeminism, and rooster rehab

  • She is "an ecofeminist, prolific author (of books and over 300 scientific papers) and environmental activist."

    Vandana Shiva

  • Caring for Ourselves, Caring for the Earth: Women and Environmental Stewardship attempts to approach environmental protection in an ecofeminist way.

    Caring for the Earth « AAUW Dialog

  • One ecofeminist is Indian physicist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, who has spent her life advocating for an end to the exploitation of Africa, South America, and Asia.

    Caring for the Earth « AAUW Dialog

  • It's got an ecofeminist slant to it. chip posted at 9:01 AM wish I'd had a sabbatical scarf... maybe next time.

    Sabbatical scarf

  • White males voted 62 to 37 percent against Clinton (40 percent for Bush, 22 for Perot), partly out of fear that his multicultural ecofeminist storm troopers would take away their guns, steaks, cigarettes, V-8 engines-and jobs.

    White Male Paranoia

  • All this suggests that Carson may be an important resource for ecofeminist reflection.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Because she associates monoculture with a masculine wish to dominate -- and sees it as threatening both small farmers and biodiversity in the name of temporarily higher productivity -- Vandana has been called an ecofeminist, a term attributed to the late Francoise d'Eaubonne describing someone resistant to abuse of either women or mother nature, and adds in empathy for the small farmer in developing countries.

    John Tepper Marlin: Green Edge 3: Small Farmers, Ecofeminism, Vandana Shiva

  • There are those that are politically-based: Marxist, liberal, and anarcha-feminism; racial and ethnic: Womanist, Latina, Asian-American; religious: Islamic, mujerista, evangelical Christian; others that don‚Äôt fit in my neat little categories: post-modern, lesbian, and ecofeminist.

    Multiplicity of Feminisms. | Mind on Fire


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