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  • n. Plural form of economist.


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  • Advocates say several other plans could provide relief without creating "moral hazard" -- a term economists use to describe a policy that could inadvertently encourage economically destructive behavior.

    The Full Feed from

  • Moral hazard is the term economists use to describe a policy or action that either rewards irresponsible behavior or prevents the irresponsible party from being punished in the ordinary course of things.

    Odessa America Online : Top Story

  • Borrowers make transactional mistakes mainly because of "information asymmetry," which is the term economists use to describe a market in which one party knows much less than the other. Philadelphia Weekly

  • The deepest "bias" of the economists is against leaving the fantasy playgrounding of mathematics -- i.e. economists have a deep bias against providing sound and coherent causal explanations of real world phenomena.

    Tabarrok Corrects Rodrik (and a Lot of Textbooks), Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It's a term economists use to describe the smaller bubbles that follow on the heels of major ones, usually after the authorities helicopter in loads of cash to patch up the first round of damage, setting the stage for a second round of easy-money-driven speculation.

    Boom and Gloom

  • Financial experts spoke openly of a return of “Eurosclerosis,” a term economists used in the 1980s to describe Europe’s relatively high rates of unemployment and low rates of growth compared to those of the United States.

    The Shadow Market

  • This last enquirer showed a touching faith in economists, which is not universally shared.

    Man-Made Remedies For A Man-Made Depression

  • "relevance for users" is clever misdirection from the term economists and antitrust investigators call -- 'pricing power.'

    The Precursor Blog by Scott Cleland

  • One answer is that he is a behavioralist ” the term economists use to describe those who subscribe to the tenets of behavioral economics, an increasingly popular discipline that seeks to marry the insights of psychology to the rigor of economics.

    Economics: Which Way for Obama?

  • The consensus among economists is that unemployment will remain at 9% through 2011.

    GOP: Unlock the American Economy


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