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  • n. A supporter of ecosocialism.


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  • Green Left - an "ecosocialist" in his words - whereas Rose said:

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  • To define ourselves by the term 'ecosocialist' does not mean dropping our commitment to anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism, feminism and the rights of the oppressed, anti-racism, and so on. - News for the rest of us

  • Lord Avebury's work in the Lords to support the indigenous in Peru, who I tend to work with quite closely via Hugo Blanco is excellent .... not sure that any other lib dems have been involved in this campaign, I am a green party member of nearly 30 years standing and an ecosocialist but if other parties do good I won't criticise them.

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  • Such tease was Tom, to an ecosocialist NEPer such as I, when he wrote:

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  • Hugo Blanco and other ecosocialist speakers .... lets get organized!

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  • An attempt to elaborate a Marxist approach to the catastrophic climate change that capitalism is creating has been a central part of the political work that SR has been involved in over recent years - to the extent that we call ourselves an ecosocialist current in order to register the centrality of this issue in our politics.

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  • Socialists who actually want to change the world need to understand, as Canadian ecosocialist Steve D'Arcy wrote last year, that participation in building such real social movements is the only way forward:

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  • In the 3rd millenium Trotsky's Fourth International (USFI) prefer to describe themselves as 'ecosocialists' and indeed the great Peruvian revolutionary leader of the 1960s Hugo Blanco publishes 'Indigenous Fight', an ecosocialist newspaper.

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  • Perhaps I am being greedy I was in an ecosocialist political group with Keir Starmer and he was the star of Franny Armstrong's last film McLibel ....

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  • The most oppressed elements of human society, the poor and indigenous peoples, must take full part in the ecosocialist revolution, in order to revitalize ecologically sustainable traditions and give voice to those whom the capitalist system cannot hear.



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