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  • n. Plural form of ecoterrorist.


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  • Greenpeace aren't 'ecoterrorists' - they have no record of violence whatsoever nor property damaged.

    South Dakota War College

  • Instead they turn down big offers from real-estate developers, put up with "ecoterrorists," and hang on by taking temporary jobs in town when the cattle market bottoms out.

    The American Way of Beef

  • "We know that the real 'ecoterrorists' are the white male industrial and corporate elite," the Boulder ELF cell said in a statement issued through Rosebraugh.

    Burning Suburbia

  • Those turned on by this (perhaps the "ecoterrorists" who burned mcmansions in Seattle this week) will have to wait until the book's final pages and then find them rather anti-climactic.

    You Don't Need a Weatherman

  • One focused on what were labeled "left-wing extremists" - such as ecoterrorists who attack industry sites to prevent spoilage of nature, and animal activists who sabotage pharmaceutical labs that experiment on mice or monkeys.


  • By the 1970s whales had become the "totemic organisms of peaceniks, freaks, and ecoterrorists."

    The Cetacean Century

  • At what point do the ecoterrorists discover that they can interfere with hunters 'activities by "watching" wildlife.

    Bear Hunter Vs. Wildlife Viewers

  • U.S. ecoterrorists, as most people call them, or ecowarriors as they see themselves, are suspected of some 1,200 arsons and other forms of sabotage, including firebombings, that consumed buildings at the University of Michigan, a ski resort in Vail, Colo. and dozens of SUVs at a dealership.

    Shining Past, Darker Present

  • While ecoterrorists spiked trees, the logging accelerated.

    Ben Daniel: Jared Loughner And The Incarnation Of Violent Rhetoric

  • The restaurant downstairs, The Jenkem Grille, has been bombed by ecoterrorists and twenty are dead, including a team of mercenary climatologists!

    THE PALINOMICON RETURNS | Goblin Mercantile Exchange


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