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  • n. Plural form of ecotone.


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  • They often cross ecotones such as tundra – taiga that are believed to be highly sensitive regions with strong feedbacks to global change.

    Direct climate effects on tree growth in the Arctic

  • Wildlife management and conservation in an Arctic under the influence of climate change must be adaptive to ecosystem-level changes that are not feasibly reversible within the human timescale, such as the northward movement of boreal ecotones into the Arctic along with the associated wildlife.

    Management and conservation of wildlife in the Arctic

  • With the exception of some ecosystems such as wetlands, many organisms are characterized by selecting areas of vegetation gradients and ecotones.

    Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves, Brazil

  • This envisages investigations on the cycling of nitrogen, phosphorous, heavy metals and pesticides, the effects of the above on the biodiversity and biological productivity, as well as the role of ecotones in controlling the density of flow of chemical compounds.

    Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania

  • A model of the responses of ecotones to climate change.

    Climate change and fire in the Arctic

  • Relationships between lake and land-cover features along latitudinal vegetation ecotones in arctic Fennoscandia.

    Effects of climate change on hydro-ecology of contributing basins in the Arctic

  • Several ecotones exist, particularly along the Cascade crest where western Cascade forest types overlap with eastern Cascade forests (e.g., the Wenatchee National Forest in Washington has conifer species present on both sides of the Cascades) and along the lower timberline where forest species mix with shrub and shrub-steppe communities.

    Eastern Cascades forests

  • GIWA characterizes the LME as severely impacted in terms of habitat and community modification (loss of ecotones, having socioeconomic and community impacts).

    South China Sea large marine ecosystem

  • There is habitat destruction and modification (wetlands, mangroves, lagoons), and loss or modification of ecotones, The Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) has issued a matrix that ranks LMEs according to the destruction and degradation of ecosystems, habitat and community modification, pollution and global change.

    Benguela Current large marine ecosystem

  • Southeastward, complex ecotones occur where the relatively flat Tibetan Plateau falls away into a landscape of river gorges and steep mountain ridges.

    Southeast Tibet shrub and meadows


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