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  • n. Plural form of ecowarrior.


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  • U.S. ecoterrorists, as most people call them, or ecowarriors as they see themselves, are suspected of some 1,200 arsons and other forms of sabotage, including firebombings, that consumed buildings at the University of Michigan, a ski resort in Vail, Colo. and dozens of SUVs at a dealership.

    Shining Past, Darker Present

  • The plot is something about embryos of extraterrestrial life-forms frozen in polar ice caps since the last ice age and now, due to global warming, the embryos are thawing and hatching and turning into deadly underwater aliens wiping out submarines, fishing trawlers, deep-sea divers, and ecowarriors, before being blown to pieces by the US Navy.

    The Redleys

  • This elision has been driven by celebrities, ecowarriors, demonstrators, bureaucrats and politicians.

    Lesson in climate-change science

  • We can't all become ecowarriors, goodwill ambassadors, aid workers, or solar energy salespeople.

    Julia Moulden: How To Change the World Through Your Workplace (Part 2)

  • The idea that native peoples should be noble ecowarriors reflects the current preoccupations of Western intellectuals, not the reality of the lives of indigenous peoples.

    The Legacy Of Rousseau

  • Last week, ecowarriors from a pair of Turkish environmental groups, Greenpeace and One Earth, set out into the choppy waters of the Bosporus, armed with the usual paraphernalia of protest -- banners, a megaphone and a jostle of cameramen.

    Battleground Bosporus

  • Yet the earnest ecowarriors on the Bosporus are not only tolerated but positively encouraged by the authorities.

    Battleground Bosporus

  • Another 'fossil award' coming our way, for not meeting with youth ecowarriors.

    You Think It’s Easy To Make Priorities?

  • THe funny part of this story is that the youth ecowarriors have no idea about the science behind the IPCC.

    You Think It’s Easy To Make Priorities?

  • Move over Hummer, Lamborghini fears it could be the ecowarriors 'next whipping boy

    Autoblog Green


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