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  • n. In pathology, same as ecstasy, 3.


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  • Extasi omnia praedicere, answer all questions in an ecstasis you will ask; what your friends do, where they are, how they fare,

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • So long as one focuses on the statue itself, it's easy to be modern about it - but when one looks at the effort, at the art, which labors to refer this ecstasis to totality, then the tension between symbol and reality invites one to look beyond the surface.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Effective composition is nothing but the art of capturing with a higher strength, and fixing in the hieroglyphs of tones [the notes], what was received in the mind's unconscious ecstasis.


  • Violent ecstasis was always an endemic disease in Phrygia.

    The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism

  • Freeing itself from the sensuous world by purification (katharsis), the human soul ascends by successive steps through the various degrees of the metaphysical order, until it unites itself in a confused and unconscious contemplation to the One, and sinks into it: it is the state of ecstasis.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman

  • And if any have been so happy as truly to understand Christian annihilation, ecstasis, exolution, liquefaction, transformation, the kiss of the spouse, gustation of God, and ingression into the divine shadow, they have already had a handsome anticipation of heaven; the glory of the world is surely over, and the earth in ashes unto them.

    Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern — Volume 6

  • Because not to turn our course into something boring (I refer to those who are not dealing all day with it), we will analyze other terms when we discuss the text as such, related to discoveries, ecstasis and visions.

    Teologie pentru azi

  • Throughout most of archaic Greek thought, the creation of art is associated with ritual, religion, and substance-induced ecstasis. "

    The Annotated "Terrapin Station"


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