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  • noun biochemistry The portion of a polypeptide on a cell membrane that extends beyond the membrane into the extracellular space.


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ecto- +‎ domain


  • EGFR signalling is preceded by receptor dimerization, typically thought to result from a ligand-induced conformational change in the ectodomain that exposes a loop (dimerization arm) required for receptor association.

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  • Figure 1, most, but not all, antibodies inhibited binding of the Notch1 ectodomain to immobilized DLL4.

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  • Schwager SL, Woodman ZL, Ehlers MR, Sturrock ED (2002) Defining the boundaries of the testis angiotensin-converting enzyme ectodomain.

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  • Balyasnikova IV, Woodman ZL, Albrecht RFII, Natesh R, Acharya KR, et al. (2005) Localization of an N domain region of angiotensin-converting enzyme involved in the regulation of ectodomain shedding using monoclonal antibodies.

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  • Najy AJ, Day KC, Day ML (2008) The ectodomain shedding of E-cadherin by ADAM15 supports ErbB receptor activation.

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  • Our novel results support a model of autocrine/paracrine stimulation of cell motility in glioma cells by a cleaved L1 ectodomain and/or released exosomal vesicles containing L1.

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  • The ectodomain of Meltrin β, but not its cytoplasmic domain, is required for interactions with EphA4 (open arrow).

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  • Some ADAM proteins contain an active metalloprotease domain, and ADAM proteases modulate the ectodomain shedding of various membrane proteins, such as membrane-anchored growth factors, receptors, and adhesion molecules.

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  • Ephrins or Ephs on opposing cells are endocytosed into the cells expressing Ephs or ephrin, respectively, without ectodomain shedding, a process called trans-endocytosis

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  • The L1 ectodomain, composed of six Ig-like and five fibronectin (Fn) type-III domains, is involved in homophilic binding.

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