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  • adj. General; universal; in ecclesiastical usage, that which concerns the whole church.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as ecumenical (which is the usual form).
  • n. etc. See ecumenic, etc.

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  • adj. concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions


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From Latin oecūmenicus, from Ancient Greek οἰκουμενικός (oikoumenikos, "concerning οἰκουμένη (ē oikoumenē, "the inhabited (earth)")”, “the whole (known) world"). Cognate with French œcuménique.


  • When hostility has broken out on an "ecumenic" thread, I'll be looking for the source.

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  • In the english version of the "Gloria", they lost the meaning of this verse: "Peace to His people on earth" is less... ecumenic than "on earth peace to men of good will".

    il blog: Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.

  • The goodly object of his ecumenic imperialism, therefore, was to carry out the moral idea of Christianity.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 7: Gregory XII-Infallability

  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez prays during an ecumenic ceremony for his health and cancer treatment in Caracas - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The passage should be considered historical fact and a legitimate subject for an ecumenic discussion.

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  • If the article is inappropriate for an ecumenic discussion, the tag will be changed to open.

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  • Therefore "anti" posters must not try to finesse the guidelines by asking loaded questions, using inflammatory taglines, gratuitous quote mining or trying to slip in an "anti" or "ex" article under the color of the "ecumenic" tag.

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  • Unlike the "caucus" threads, the article and reply posts of an "ecumenic" thread can discuss more than one belief, but antagonism is not tolerable.

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  • Posters who try to tear down other's beliefs or use subterfuge to accomplish the same goal are the disrupters on ecumenic threads and will be booted from the thread and / or suspended.

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