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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of edify.


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  • By constructing this matrix, or model, of the mind's workings within the mind itself — the kernel of Augustine's wonder and bewilderment84 — one edifies oneself as the container of the universe of one's experience.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • This opening-exposition orgy obfuscates rather than edifies.

    My Year of Flops

  • And sometimes it is not doing things that edifies a Communist Party boss and gives him a little bit of soul.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • The Book of Judith (second or early first century b.c.e.) is an imaginative, highly fictionalized, romance that entertains as it edifies.

    Judith: Apocrypha.

  • At Tin House, at the magazine and in the books division, we're looking for writing that edifies the reader, not something that distracts them Fox's programming has that pretty-well covered.

    Tin House

  • People have, and will, construct elaborate intellectual edifies rationalizing their favored political philosophy but, in practice, the larger group of people who hold that philosophy will adopt beliefs and positions largely independent of that rationalization and, more to the point, they will be quite often inconsistent beliefs and positions.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • These images range from disturbing to heinous, but somehow the rhythmic beat of Jal's words lessens the impact and makes the footage bearable, while the meaning of the lyrics edifies and provokes thought.

    Tonya Plank: War Child, Story of a Sudanese Child Soldier Turned Hip Hop Star, is Horrifying, Humanizing, Edifying

  • My faith in humanity is shattered, O My Brothers, but luckily Mr. BikeSnobNYC, whose artful prose edifies and amuses, suggests I was wrong to have had it in the first place.

    The Indignity of Living in New York: Big, Fat, Lazy Egos

  • Such camaraderie edifies Meetup. com's 33-year-old founder Scott Heiferman, a dot-com veteran who read Robert Putnam's lament for lost social groups, "Bowling Alone," and vowed to use the tools of tech to revive the "Happy Days" - ish spirit of bowling leagues and ladies 'auxiliaries.

    See You Offline

  • He beats the air with words and edifies only those who are present, but does nothing for the absent and for posterity.

    The Love of Books : The Philobiblon of Richard de Bury


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