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  • n. The state of being editable.


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edit +‎ -ability


  • The "editability" of an ObjectListView is controlled by the

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  • Wikis are excellent examples of a collaborative writing and composing technology that obviously engages network culture, come close to embodying the original vision of hypertext, and the unique features of wikis including editability and page histories reinforce compositional goals of revision and collaboration.

    Rebecca Wilson Lundin’s “Teaching with Wikis: Toward a Networked Pedagogy”

  • So ALL you have to do to get editability support is inherit your UI model objects from

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  • I know this seems a lot of extra work, but the added benifit of the ViewModel being able to set a Models individual field editability state, and have the View relect this seemlessly via bindings, simply can not be ignored.

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  • Allows the ViewModel to determine is a Models data should be editable, the UI simple updates via bindings, based on the ViewModel driven editability state.

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  • You may remember TypeStyler as a font utility that facilitated an easy way to twist and distort type, while maintaining its editability.


  • Finally, be sure to save the file as a layered PSD to preserve the editability of the vignette.


  • This approach enables Captivate to offer a number of benefits such as smaller bandwidth requirements, automatic caption generation and greater editability, but it also leads to greater complexity and doesn't work well for capturing all screen activity.

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  • The G11 is one of the few point-and-shoots to offer Raw mode, making it ideal for the user who wants the maximum amount of editability of the images.

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  • Flash CS4 also includes some forward-thinking extensions such as XFL support (a new file format that allows for cross-application preservation of Flash editability), and Adobe AIR authoring.


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