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  • n. An official or administrator in a school district.


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Blend of educator and bureaucrat


  • If the practice of suppressing words in favor of stilted descriptive phrases continues, they may soon have to replace "educrat" with "useless politically correct education-corroding ignoramus."


  • The P-I reports on an educrat panel discussion about the "achievement gap": Solving the problem will require action by adults -- legislators providing more money for public education; parents being involved with their children's education; and teachers keeping expectations high for all students and intervening to help those who struggle, she said.

    Sound Politics: It's in the P-I

  • You were foolish enough to trust your local educrat.

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  • I-884 is a statist fraud and I do NOT appreciate kids being used to further the educrat agenda.

    Sound Politics: I-884 Hype and Sleaze (II)

  • Former city educrat fined $6,500 for using email to line up gig in private sector, manage real estate A former official in the Department of Education's Tweed Courthouse headquarters paid a $6,500 fine for using his city email to shore up a job at a private firm.

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  • By lunchtime, Mr. Shama had wished a student a happy birthday, picked up gum wrappers in the hallway, surveyed vandalism damage in the boys' and girls' bathrooms, fielded a librarian's request for chairs, dealt with concerns about a student's being harassed on the way to school, met with an educrat or two and consumed three cups of coffee.

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  • City Controller audit finds Education Department overspent on food purchases Move of pivotal vote on controversial charter school has Cobble Hill locals fuming Bronx high with no English teachers to get the a x, according to Department of Education Bloomberg's kids just aren't learning: What the grim NAEP results are telling us Former city educrat fined $6,500 for using email to line up gig in private sector, manage real estate

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  • The educrat establishment could not stand Escalante.

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  • As an educrat, Dingdong has never actually experienced real life, but she may have learned about it at a seminar.


  • If this arrogant narcissistic metrosexual educrat is typical of those who are running our public schools, I now understand why public education is going down the tubes.



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