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  • adj. Resembling an eel by having a long, serpentine body.


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  • Studied political science and economics at Waseda University; learned free-market economic policies at the Matsushita Institute Political career began in regional assembly in 1987 In 1993, elected for the first of five terms to the Diet Served as finance minister in the cabinet of departing Prime Minister Naoto Kan over the past 14 months "I'll never be a goldfish in a scarlet robe, but like a loach in muddy waters, I'll work hard for the people, to move politics forward," Mr. Noda said, referring to an eel-like fish often found in Japanese rice paddies.

    Yoshihiko Noda Is Low-Key Politician With Hawkish Bent

  • While generations of children have delighted in his Peter and the Wolf, some graduating to the sparkling Symphony No 1 or the eel-like chromaticisms of Lieutenant Kijé, on the whole British audiences remain impervious to this Soviet-Ukrainian's charms.

    LPO/Jurowski; Betrothal in a Monastery; Psappha ensemble; SCO/Ticciati – review

  • The brothers — normally the captains of the Time Bandit, as seen on Deadliest Catch — travel to sea after viewing footage of an unusually shaped eel-like creature dipping in and out of the water.

    Exclusive: First Look at New Deadliest Catch Spin-off Special

  • To complete the domination of Skynet of the land, the air, and the sea, the movie also showed Hydrobots which are eel-like creatures made to squirm with the same smoothness.

    Movie Terminator | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • The eel-like fish first arrived in the Great Lakes when the Welland Canal was dug in the late 19th century, allowing lampreys from the Atlantic Ocean to bypass Niagara Falls.

    Smell of death repels sea lampreys

  • Take a growth gene from another type of salmon, mix with a bit of DNA from the eel-like ocean pout, as US biotech firm, AquaBounty has done, and you get a creature with all the appearance of an Atlantic salmon that is actually produced in a giant, inland tank.

    Just because GM is gaining popularity doesn't make it right

  • Sea Lamprey is an eel-like fish native to the U.S. Atlantic coast that is also now found in the Great Lakes.

    Alien Species Not Always Welcome Visitors

  • AquaBounty, a fast-growing salmon with genes from Chinook salmon and the eel-like ocean pout, is under review by the FDA to become the first GE animal approved for human consumption.

    Jason J. Czarnezki: Genetically Engineered Salmon Needn't Be Mystery Meat for Consumers

  • Delivering baby fish got tedious after the fourth or fifth generation, especially when the population exploded, the sides of the tank grew green with slime and, in a case that I can attribute only to spontaneous conception, some eel-like organism was spotted swimming through the murk.

    In the Coral Camp

  • The AquAdvantage salmon has been given a gene from the ocean pout, an eel-like fish, and a growth hormone from a Chinook salmon.

    FDA rules won't require labeling of genetically modified salmon


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