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  • v. Present participle of effervesce.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation


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  • The plate is in front of you and you feel the cheese still going under effervescing sauce bubbles, the air molecules condensing helplessly against the root beer glass.


  • “The whip which lashed the Detroit Tigers into submission …will be cracked by those effervescing Dean brothers in an exhibition at Muehlebach Field tonight,” enthused the Star.54

    Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert

  • That's why the effervescing pills (i.e., pills like Alka Seltzer tablets) would be helpful.

    Soluble Calcium Supplement

  • She filled her mouth with the chilled champagne and kissed him, the wine effervescing as their tongues intertwined.

    The seduction

  • Spread-eagled on her back, she watched effervescing foam dance, climb, fall, build up and collapse in fractal clouds.

    Who Do You Say I Am

  • The morning after my birthday, I was effervescing over breakfast about the glories of the previous day, chiefly my impending ensemble, when my wife asked if I'd noticed how much clothing had been on my mind lately.

    Alfred Gingold: My Birthday Suit II: The Windmills of Your Wardrobe

  • Washington itself will remain what it has been--not a Babylon that corrupts our pure-hearted right-wingers but the very seat of their Industry Conservatism, constantly seething and effervescing, with tens of thousands of individuals coming and going, each avidly piling up his own tidy pile but between them engaged in an awesome common project.

    Thomas Frank on Industry Conservatism

  • He glowed green and bubbled, his effervescing insides barely contained by a thin plastic shell.

    PVP Vs. S*P, Only One Can Survive: A Theory On Comic Writing

  • This is a highly picturesque place, with several springs, still and effervescing, the virtues of which were well known to the

    A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • Silently and patiently did the doctor bear all this, and all the handings of negus, and watching for glasses, and darting for biscuits, and coquetting, that ensued; but, a few seconds after the stranger had disappeared to lead Mrs. Budger to her carriage, he darted swiftly from the room with every particle of his hitherto – bottled – up indignation effervescing, from all parts of his countenance, in a perspiration of passion.

    The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club


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