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  • adv. In an effete manner.


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  • Rove, you're effetely hilarious, overpaid, irrelevant and probably going to jail soon.

    Rove slams Obama over 'bitter' comments, flag pin

  • My complaint about these restrictions and so many other prohibited items in many places it is effetely restricts what you are allowed to carry around on you person if you plan to do certain thing.

    Step back from the hairbrush or I’ll shoot « BuzzMachine

  • Today, though, Lowry is effetely lamenting the fact that McCain was booed at a highly politicized college by liberal students when McCain praised the Iraq War.

    Various items

  • To listen to these media stars effetely condemn investigations as though they're something which only hateful, rabble-rousing radicals would want to pursue tells you all you need to know about how fundamentally broken the national media is.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • The bear, with the politeness which appeared to cling to all classes of society in this effetely civilized West, rose up and sat on his haunches, facing his visitor.

    Peak and Prairie From a Colorado Sketch-book

  • Optimus effetely takes this idea of a PC transmission from the pre 1900s to present day by making the switch automatic and no longer requiring a reboot.

    TG Daily

  • We bless and we curse effetely all the livelong day, vaguely cognizant of some long lost momentousness, too jejune in our materialism to believe in anything.

  • It was the sort of day that witnesses will one eventually tell their children about - the day that some photographers strolled onto a beach and started talking pictures of Matthew McConaughey, and only stopped when some surfers sort of started effetely pushing them around and whooping and whatnot.


  • What’s more we can see cases where the technology would certainly not be functionally equivalent to a human – a human may react in very different ways to effetely the same circumstance they may also participate in negotiation over the outcome.

    November 2007

  • "Disaster rescue and recovery should be a national top-down effort, that's why China could effetely organize rescue and recovery efforts ….

    LA IMC


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