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  • n. Plural form of eft.


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  • "Yes, Sir -- at least a venomous sort of reptile like them, which the people about here call efts!"

    Pelham — Volume 05

  • Then the eggs hatch and develop into externally gilled larvae until they undergo metamorphosis turning into terrestrial newts called efts, or remain in the pond and eventually mature into gilled aquatic adults.

    Courthouse News Service

  • And in the water-forest he saw the water-monkeys and water-squirrels (they had all six legs, though; everything almost has six legs in the water, except efts and water-babies); and nimbly enough they ran among the branches.

    The Water Babies

  • But you see, some folks have a great liking for those poor little efts.

    The Water Babies

  • Choosing her path amid the efts that were basking upon the outer slopes of the plantation she wound her way up the tree-shrouded camp to the wooden cabin in the centre.

    Two on a Tower

  • The stork, though she is neither covered, fed, nor defended by us, yet pays for the place where she builds, going about and killing the efts, snakes, and other venomous creatures.

    Essays and Miscellanies

  • In short, all the front was in a pretty state of ruin, very nice to look at, very nasty to live in, except for toads, and bats, and owls, and rats, and efts, and brindled slugs with yellow stripes; or on a summer eve the cockroach and the carrion-beetle.


  • She tried again and again to lure him into an unconscious confession of the pleasure which he felt already in the society of the beautiful Miss Bygrave; she twined herself in and out of every weakness in his character, as the frogs and efts twined themselves in and out of the rock-work of her Aquarium.

    No Name

  • Snails clung to the sides of the tank; tadpoles and tiny fish swam swiftly in the green water, slippery efts and slimy frogs twined their noiseless way in and out of the weedy rock-work; and on top of the pyramid there sat solitary, cold as the stone, brown as the stone, motionless as the stone, a little bright-eyed toad.

    No Name

  • Look for red-spotted newts—on the forest floor as efts, or in ponds during their newt phases larval and adult.

    The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States


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