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  • n. A sand-glass used for determining the time in boiling eggs.
  • n. An apparatus for the automatic cooking of eggs.


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  • Try the Pomodoro Technique, which takes its name from a tomato-shaped egg-timer.

    Time management | Putting it into practice

  • It reminds me of first arriving here and moving into a furnished apartment where my husband and I were thrilled to discover a truly Gallic kitchen: no kettle, no egg-timer, but instead a stove-top espresso pot, a tagine dish and—the height of sophistication—a wine thermometer.

    Bearing Witness to the War, Lest We Forget

  • I'd always seen life as an egg-timer sitting precariously on the edge of a table — time slips away or it falls and everything smashes.

    Potsdamer Strasse #4

  • When employers refuse, he suggests his patients set an egg-timer at work and get up every 30 to 45 minutes to stretch and walk around.

    Does Your Chair Have Your Back?

  • Researchers on an egg-timer schedule explain the disturbing effects of playing with Barbies, and of looking at photos of sexed-up female athletes.

    Lily Blau: Girl Power: Great Feminists You May Not Know (Because Some Are Still in High School!)

  • This mechanical kitchen timer combines a tape-measure and an egg-timer: the pull-out tape is marked with time increments instead of distance measurements.

    Boing Boing: January 22, 2006 - January 28, 2006 Archives

  • But twice this past month, I slept through the moderately-loud cell phone alarm, and even the powerful digital egg-timer.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Now that Sophie thought about it, her morning dreams a dark confusing blur of emergencies had included the buzzing of an egg-timer and the beeping of a radio-wave apparatus for detecting enemy aircraft.

    So after two months of painfully hard work

  • The mystery, in other words, isn't terribly mystifying--the book is more of a how- and whydunnit than a whodunnit, and both the how and the why hinge on a thin Da Vinci Code satire that is too subtle to be truly funny and too prominent to save the book from sinking into irrelevance the moment the egg-timer on this pop-culture phenomenon runs out a problem that has plagued too many recent Discworld novels.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • Tricks to stay awake: Set an egg-timer set for every 10 minutes, shock your system with cold i.e. laps in cold pool, snacks and chewing gum, exercise breaks, coffee before midnight/tea after midnight, take a nap beforehand in mid-afternoon.

    Summary: Lifehacker Finals Prep Round-up


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