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  • adj. Ovate, resembling an egg or some aspect of one.


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egg +‎ -like


  • "Piero's Sky," a pastel from 1991-92, has a set of swirling egglike shapes that call to mind the birth of galaxies and the harmonies of Renaissance painting.

    Too Restless for the Rules

  • Sitting upright in a bowl-shaped indentation on top of the altar was a large egglike object the size of a football.


  • The stone is perfectly oval, egglike, a brilliant blue.

    The Lady Matador’s Hotel

  • He could see that the little egglike vessel had wedged one of its wing s in the crack.


  • Besides the two varieties he had already seen, there were tall, slender creatures of almost human form, but with blank, egglike heads absolutely devoid of features.


  • Last year Signorovitch also spied some egglike structures, and when she did genetic tests on her placozoans, she found evidence of sex as incontrovertible as a stain on a blue dress.

    Algae: So Has It Called Yet?

  • But "the only strain that was making these egglike things died," says Yale biologist Ana Signorovitch.

    Algae: So Has It Called Yet?

  • It was a small oval face, of a uniform transparent whiteness, with an egglike line of cheek and chin, a full but firm mouth, a delicate nostril, and a low perpendicular brow, surmounted by a rising arch of parting between smooth locks of pale reddish hair.

    Adam Bede

  • A Gilbert Stuart portrait, painted when he was thirty-six, shows a rather insipid face under a balding, egglike forehead—with, however, striking deep-set hazel eyes.

    Alexander Hamilton, American

  • Simna's eyes opened so wide they threatened to pop right out of his head and roll egglike across the table.

    Into the Thinking Kingdoms


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