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  • n. Plural form of egoism.


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  • The way a man handles his egoisms is a test of his mastery over an audience or a class of readers.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 75, January, 1864

  • As the late eminent historian François Furet described it, the idea that the happiness of the individual should become the goal of society and that the social realm should be limited to the sum of all these individual happinesses constitutes a "disguising of egoisms" - which leads to a twofold deterioration: political by a sort of anarchy and moral by hedonism.

    Dr. Charles G. Cogan: The Pursuit of Happiness and the Common Good

  • What we need is a social order which allows that adolescent spirit to preserve its essence into rational maturity, and extends this possibility to as many human beings as possible, and organises social life in a way that harmonises rather than abolishes egoisms or sets them in expolitive conflict.

    How local government in Las Vegas and Clark County deals with the worst joblessness crisis in a generation

  • The offspring and the victim of these egoisms is Eyolf, “little wounded warrior,” who longs to scale the heights and dive into the depths, but must remain for ever chained to the crutch of human infirmity.

    Little Eyolf

  • For that would mean the sacrifice of the smaller to the larger egoism, larger only in bulk, not necessarily greater in quality nor wider or nobler, since a collective egoism, result of the united egoisms of all, is as little a god to be worshipped, as flawed and often an uglier and more barbarous fetish than the egoism of the individual.'

    Only a handful of India's leading citizens, at home or abroad, appears to have taken his words seriously

  • He passes, and for a little space we are left with his egoisms and idiosyncrasies more or less in suspense.

    A Modern Utopia

  • The elimination of egoism is the second condition, not only of the rajasic and tamasic egoisms that twine around desire, but of the sattwic egoism that takes refuge in the idea of the I as the worker.


  • Moreover with these accumulated egoisms such as must have been embodied in Gilberte there coexists some charming virtue of the parents; it appears for a moment to perform an interlude by itself, to play its touching part with an entire sincerity.

    The Sweet Cheat Gone

  • And, in the period that has elapsed since the world began, during which families in which some defect exists in one form have been intermarrying with families in which the same defect exists in another, thereby creating a peculiarly complex and detestable variety of that defect in the offspring, the accumulated egoisms

    The Sweet Cheat Gone

  • Madame Balzac, be it granted, was cantankerous; but how many sons who have never sponged on their mothers have supported them cheerfully, gladly, for long years out of meagre resources, and have borne with a smile the natural peevishness of old age, not to say its egoisms!



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