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  • v. To search the Internet for references to one's name or works in order to gratify one's ego.


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Combination of ego and surf


  • I supposed I should be embarrassed to confess this, but I regularly egosurf, and I probably see the overwhelming majority of my online reviews.

    MIND MELD: How Have Online Book Reviews Affected the Publishing World?

  • At any rate, Internet thumb twiddling combined with an egosurf produces blog posts like this.

    A Nice Review

  • Not that I egosurf or anything, you understand, but I happened to notice that somebody was linking to me:

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Found on a recent egosurf: probably the only poetry prize in the world where i have a chance of getting the judges to take a second look at my stuff!

    Archive 2004-01-01

  • This evening, I ran across a web site called "www." which will do a web search on your name and provide up to 20 web sites that contain your name.

    Connell, James J.

  • While I've been known to egosurf my own name online every once in a while, setting a Google Alert on my name means I don't have to do it so much.

    GigaOM Network


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