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  • n. (anthropology) the distinctive expression of the cognitive or intellectual character of a culture or a social group


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  • But what is seen is a shape or form, and Plato's pupil, Aristotle, preferred the term eidos, probably because he could not accept his master's theory of ideas.


  • At times Plato substitutes the word eidos for “idea.”


  • Even if we turn from a Latin derivative to Greek - an intellectual if desperate act in itself - we end up back whence we fled, with "eidos": "The distinctive expression of the cognitive or intellectual character of a culture or social group."

    The Guardian World News

  • As already understood by Delbruck (1971), Aristotle's concept of the eidos, in the context of ontogenetic development, is in some respects remarkably similar to the modern concept of the genetic program.

    Against Darwinism

  • Is the hidden eidos in the American use of “force”, as in “Armed Forces” (military) or “on the force” (member of the police) more subversive than it might seem on the surface?

    A Coast Guard that guards everyone else’s coast « Blog

  • He derived the name from the Greek terms kalos meaning "beautiful," eidos, for "form," and skopos, meaning "to look at."

    A Local Life: Cozy Baker, 86; Outlook of kaleidoscope collector was transformed by beauty

  • I fancy there is an essence, an eidos of the lyric, whence “each variation comes.”

    Indefatiguable Romance : Ange Mlinko : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • The metaphysical requirement that the soul-as-form (eidos) be permanent and enduring through the process of the generation of


  • In that case, the carpenter looks to the form (eidos) of shuttle, that which is shuttle (ho estin kerkis).

    Episteme and Techne

  • And, of course, one immediately notices the similarity with the Platonic eidos, idea.

    The Role of Anytus


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