from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having eight corners; octagonal.
  • n. An octagon or an octagonal solid.
  • To make octagonal.


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  • It includes graduations in hundredths, thirty-seconds, sixteenths, twelfths, tenths, and eighths of an inch, also a brace-measure, an eight-square measure, and the Essex board-measure.

    Handwork in Wood

  • In chamfering a four-square stick into an eight-square, the piece may be gripped in the vise diagonally, Fig. 273, or it may be held in a trough made of two strips of wood from each of which an arris has been chamfered and then the two nailed together, Fig. 274.

    Handwork in Wood

  • Lancaster seeks to annex an eight-square mile area near Lancaster Municipal Airport. stories

  • The cloister, and the chapter-house adjoining to the church, are the finest here of any I have seen in England; the latter is octagon, or eight-square, and is 150 feet in its circumference; the roof bearing all upon one small marble pillar in the centre, which you may shake with your hand; and it is hardly to be imagined it can be any great support to the roof, which makes it the more curious (it is not indeed to be matched, I believe, in Europe).

    From London to Land's End


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