eighteen-pounder love



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  • She carried a long eighteen-pounder, two ten-pounders, and ten six-pounders, and she sailed like a witch.


  • Amyas, having, as he had said, the wind, and being able to go nearer it than the Spaniard, kept his place at easy point-blank range for his two eighteen-pounder culverins, which Yeo and his mate worked with terrible effect.

    Westward Ho!

  • The eighteen-pounder, its muzzle blackened by powder, hissed as the barrel was sponged out.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • The dining cabin had vanished, Sharpe's quarters were gone, the pictures had been taken below and the only remaining luxury was the black-and-white chequered canvas carpet on which the two eighteen-pounder guns stood.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • There were two tables, a sideboard, a deep leather armchair, a couch and a revolving bookcase, though the air of genteel domesticity was somewhat spoiled by the presence of two eighteen-pounder cannons that pointed toward red-painted gunports.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • Another gunner received permission to come to the quarterdeck to arm the twelve eighteen-pounder cannons and the four thirty-two-pounder carronades.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • It was a vast thing, much bigger than the Calliope, and young Harry Collier rattled off its statistics as he took Sharpe through the lavish dining cabin where another eighteen-pounder squatted.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • Three eighteen-pounder cannon balls had been placed in the coffin that was laid on a plank beside the starboard entry port.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • The eighteen-pounder leaped back, jerking to a halt as its breeching rope took the vast strain of the weapon's recoil.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • Finally he screwed the telescope's mount tight shut, so that the tube could not move, then summoned the gun captain of the battery's eighteen-pounder.

    Sharpe's Fortress


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