eighteen-year-old love



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  • Three years earlier the assassination of the dictator Julius Caesar by dissidents acting in the name of liberty had plunged the Roman Republic into civil war, dividing its elite ruling classes into two bitterly opposed camps: those backing the assassins Brutus and Cassius, and those supporting Caesar’s self-appointed champions, namely his eighteen-year-old great-nephew and nominated heir, Gaius Octavius, and his lieutenant Marcus Antonius, otherwise known as Octavian and Mark Antony.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • And who in God’s name called an eighteen-year-old girl ma’am?


  • Sadly, all little boys get bigger, and my eighteen-year-old son conveniently demonstrates that it's the pre-teen behaviour you should be cherishing.

    Kathy Buckworth: Snips & Snails vs. Sugar & Spice

  • Ann Finkbeiner, a respected science journalist, wrote After the Death of a Child after her eighteen-year-old son was killed when the Amtrak train he was riding on his way back to college was struck by a freight car.

    The Truth About Grief

  • He interviewed another man who was working in his garden when his six-story apartment building caved in and killed his eighteen-year-old son.

    The Truth About Grief

  • It is surprising, therefore, that Philip placed his now eighteen-year-old son, Alexander, at the crucial point on the end of the Macedonian line opposite the Sacred Band.

    Alexander the Great

  • “Word went round that William was there playing cheesy eighties music, so we went to take a look,” recalled eighteen-year-old Ana Ferreira, a stunning brunette international-relations student from Brazil.

    William and Kate

  • Since Sandhurst Academy would not accept cadets under the age of twenty, eighteen-year-old Harry planned to make the best of a twenty-four-month gap year before starting his military career in earnest.

    William and Kate

  • * If you have another explanation for why the only folks getting the big love bite are eighteen-year-old manmorsels, we're all ears.

    Vampire Fashion Week!

  • Unlike the other girls, I wanted Akane to be a young eighteen-year-old woman to diversify the main character ages and reach a broader audience.

    Arcana Magi Behind the Scenes: Character Sheets


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