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  • n. Plural form of einstein.


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  • One question I have is who are the "einsteins" that elect such incompetent officals?

    Sonic in Aurora Wants to Extend An Extra Hour

  • As far as the "white" vote I believe he's gotten that or he wouldn't be ahead in the POPULAR vote all you einsteins out there.

    Rendell: Obama should ask Clinton to be VP

  • Also, when the only ‘constant’ in the universe is said to be the speed of light (due to it being unbreakable) ((and time is NOT a constant, see einsteins work)) What does this mean to science?

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - ‘We have broken speed of light’

  • The einsteins at google are running out of ideas in their 20% time … reply

    Google Health Coming Soon?

  • According to most mainstream scientists time travel is certainly possible and does not go against einsteins theories and the laws of physics, if, and i stress if, it is accomplished within certain parameters, too many to list here. Top headlines

  • Sounds like a lot of the Harvard einsteins mucking up Washington DC these days. sounds like the barrel of gun fits the chicago style.

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  • David Hobby - while u be reviewing lights, when are we gonna see your review on the einsteins??


  • Since you are not connected to the car, you continue in a straight line. what is the proof of einsteins theory of relativity ... please answer in a simple and easy to understand? hi, there is some thing. when it wet its 1kg

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  • Please explain me "einsteins theory of relativity" in a 6 year old child's language and i'll be grateful?

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  • Magnets in toy motors eventually work poorly, but it is usually a different part of the toy that fails, before the magnetism disappears. please explain me "einsteins theory of relativity" in a 6 year old child's language and i'll be grateful? en Español

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