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  • interj. phew; whew; expressing resignation


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  • The whole ride home, between long periods of silence because we were so tired and full, someone would pipe up and say, Woo, eish!

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • For the more mystically minded, it might be noted that, strangely, the gematria of “ice cream” is the same as “tzli eish”.

    Celebrating the multi-cultural world of spring holidays | Jewschool

  • And it only took the ANC 10 years to screw it up. .eish.

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  • He's going to threaten to spill the beans on some arms-trade issues and his buddies are gonna sort him out one time! eish

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  • We must warn the Maxwele's of SA to take cover ... eish really

    Guardian Online

  • Feel sorry for the Stormers who have to face the Blues next week - eish @ Eden Park these guys play out of their skins.

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  • How many divinators have they approached already eish

    IOL: News

  • Now government admits that labour unions are a problem when it comes to job creation, BUT at the same time they are BIIIG buddies with cosatu! eish i dont andastand!

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  • Eish ... for a person living in Jo'burg and working in Pretoria this is suicide, on top of everything else one still needs to pay for tollgates being build everywhere, someone needs to understand that some of us depend on travelling to make a living ..... eish ANc can double delivery if they halve the amount of fraud they commit.

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  • Anonymous: At the Crystal Springs (Bellairspark) temporary voting station in Randburg, near Northgate, the queuing voters were made to way for 20 minutes because the IEC officials manning the station "did not have the right stamp" ... eish!

    IOL: News


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